There are dozens of good loans out there with downpayment programs
that require no more than 1/2% down such as FHA Access Loans.
And regular FHA loans now only requires 3 1/2% down.
Some Conventional Lenders have loans that require only 5%,
although 20% down on these loans are best as it eliminates the need
to purchase Mortgage Insurance. Interest rates will vary
amoung Lenders and your best sources of loans are almost always
with a Direct Lender.

All of the above programs have different and specific guidelines that
the borrower must meet such as: Income, Down Payment, Credit Scores,
etc. In that respect, they can vary widely and that will be the focus of
this page. It is vertually impossible to determine which loan is going
to be in your best interest without first gathering the neccesary
paper work from you because all of these programs have specific
and different guidlines.

This page is constantly under construction as new loan programs
become available or, for that matter, disappear. The Mortgage Loan
Market is dynamic and constantly changing in today's economy.

Come back to this page often to see what new information we
have been able to post for you or just call us to Discuss
what programs are best for you.