About our Broker


Our Broker, Bob Mitchell, became a Real Estate Salesman for the 1st time in 1969 after being Honorably Discharged from the U.S. Air Force. Then in 1970,
he was licensed by the State of California as a General Contractor, a license
he still keeps active today. His experience for the next 22 years involved
designing and building homes in Northern California and building
Restaurants across the United States.

Then in 1992, he semi-retired from Construction to become a Real Estate Appraiser licensed by the State of California. He completed appraisals
for several different Lenders throughout California. During this time
he reactivated his Real Estate Salesman License and in 1995 went
on to became a California Licensed Real Estate Broker.

With encouragement from his Dad, also a Real Estate Broker, he began selling and specializing in the sale of HUD Owner Homes in 1995 and has been doing
so ever since. Later in 1998, Bob attended and successfully completed
the "FHA Direct Endorsement Underwriting" training program
knowing that a thorough understanding of financing was
paramount to being successful in Real Estate.

Bob now utilizes his vast knowledge of the Real Estate Market, Appraising, Finance, and Construction Experience to serve his clients from the
very moment he meets them until many years after
they have settled in their new home.

And just as it was with his Dad, he is now proud to have his daughter,
Anne-Marie Mitchell, as a Real Estate Salesperson now
preparing to take her Broker's Exam.

"Keeping Clients for Life"